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As seasoned practitioners with a combination of book smarts & street smarts, we aim to educate, inspire and lead entrepreneurs to discover opportunities, be creative, as well as improve the total customer experience which in turn will increase customer satisfaction/loyalty, as well as revenues..


Our firm has researched, applied/tested and written several reports on various business practices  which when applied yield an increase in brand exposure and revenues.

In addition, we offer business related presentations/seminars (online or on location), workshops and speaking engagements.


​We are a boutique firm which provides and assists in implementing specialized business advice for small to medium size enterprises in the areas of:

  • sales management strategies and sales management outsourcing;
  • the total customer experience, and;
  • lifestyle marketing/branding.


James Roumeliotis, at Affluence Marketing, can easily grasp, understand and explain about the various behind-the-scene ideas that are key to success when doing business. His passion and reliability add to his great personality, and he has to be seen as an established authority on the complex world of luxury brands.



“We assist clients/entrepreneurs address their marketing, branding, as well as their business development challenges. In view of this, we provide practical solutions, and at times, unconventional wisdom and bold tactics, along with implementation support — in a timely manner — so as to confront their adversities.”

Stéphane Delille, Managing Director & CEO at Chopard

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